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GEF – Grease Exhaust Fan (UL)

For Canada Only – UL/ULC Listed – Halton Grease Exhaust Fan provides maximum performance and durability in kitchen hood exhaust applications.

Features and Benefits

  • UL and ULC listed for 3” (76mm) Clearance from Combustible Material – Allows for reduced roof openings.
  • Field Ducting Costs Reduced – Duct extensions through curb and roof is provided as an integral part of the fan.
  • Discharge Clearance of 40” (1016mm) – As required by NFPA 96, eliminated discharge ductwork above roof.
  • Electrical Installation Costs Reduced – An electrical conduit sleeve complete with high temperature wire supplied and installed with a disconnect switch as a complete part of the GEFA fan package. The conduit runs the complete length of the duct and the wire terminates approximately 6” (152mm) below the bottom of the duct stub.
  • Servicing Made Easy – Access doors to fan housing are completely removable.
  • Fan and Duct Cleaning Made Easy – The fan drive package section is hinged and pivots to allow access directly to the exhaust duct.
  • High Velocity Verticle Discharge – Average velocity 3000 FPM (15.24 m/s), as recommended by environmental authorities.

Optional Equipment

  • Pitched Roof Curb – Designed to suit slope of roof.
  • Extended Inlet Duct Stub – is available
  • Side Duct Collar Inlet Extension – When horizontal exhaust duct connection is required.
  • Single Phase Motors – Recommended only when three phase is not available.


Kitchen exhaust fan shall be a Halton GEF series  Model ___________.

The entire fan housing, cowl and discharge shall be 16 gauge cold rolled steel, continuously welded and liquid tight to NFPA 96 requirements.

The unti shall be complete with a 16 gauge aluminized roof curb shipped separately for field installation.

The exhaust duct collar shall be 1”(25mm) insulated double skin (16 gauge inner skin, 20 gauge outer skin) cold rolled steel, all welded. It shall extend 12” (305mm) minimum below the roof line and have a 1.50” (38mm) flanged connection for welding or bolting to the duct system. The minimum clearance from duct collar to combustible roof opening shall be 3” (76mm) per UL and ULC approvals.

The fan wheel shall be all welded, statically and synamically balanced at factory, with single inlet and backward inclined blades to provide non-overloading characteristics and minimum noise level. Bearings shall be grease lubricated, heavy duty self-aligning flange type, mounted outside of air stream on an oversized, polished steel shaft.

The unit shall be complete with a smoothly curved inlet venturi, to create a streamline air flow inot the fan wheel.

The complete unit dhall be factory primed and painted, ready for outside installation.

ELECTRICAL – The fan shall have an electrical safety disconect switch (supplied wired to the fan motor) and and electrical conduit sleeve that runs the complete length of the duct collar. High temperature wire is provided in the conduit to a point approximately 6” (152mm) below the duct collar.
Adjustable pitch (1 or 2 groove) pulleys shall be provided factory set at proper operating speed for motors up to the 5 H.P. For motors over 5 H.P., fixed pulleys are provided.

APPROVALS – The fan shall be UL and ULC approved as a power roof ventilator for kitchen exhaust systems.

STANDARD COMPONENTS – Units shall be complete with a gravity back draft damper located at the fan discharge.


GEF – Grease Exhaust Fan (UL)
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