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Airflow control unit Halton BOX
Airflow control unit Halton BOX

Halton BOX – Airflow management unit

VAV and CAV boxes have a unique double blade construction with/without an integrated silencer for excellent sound level and for different airflow and duct pressure control applications. Factory-set airflow range limits (min./max. airflow rates).

  • Variable or constant airflow rate operation
  • Pressure-independent operation


  • Airflow management and control unit
  • Variable or constant airflow rate operation
  • Pressure-independent operation
  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Airflow management plenum with acoustic attenuation (high density mineral wool)
  • Factory set airflow range limit

Product models and accessories

  • Electrical or hot water reheating unit
  • Outlet plenum with one or more circular connections


Halton BOX, supply

 Halton BOX, exhaust

Actuator on right side of the damper as standard. Available on left side as tailored product. Ask your sales.

Long version: BOX/L-D

Diameter (mm) Length(mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
25 mm Insulation, I1 100 400 250 1000
125 400 250 1000
160 400 250 1000
200 600 280 1200
250 700 320 1400
315 800 400 1600*
355 1000 450 1600*
400 1000 450 1600*
500 1300 550 1800
40 mm Insulation, I2 100 430 280 1000
125 430 280 1000
160 430 280 1000
200 630 310 1200
250 730 350 1400
315 830 430 1600
355 1030 480 1600*
400 1030 480 1600*
500 1330 580 1800*

* in 2 parts

Short version: BOX/S-D

Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
25 mm Insulation, I1 100 400 250 600
125 400 250 600
160 400 250 600
200 600 280 600
250 700 320 900
315 800 400 900
355 1000 450 900
400 1000 450 900
500 1300 550 1000
40 mm Insulation, I2 100 430 280 600
125 430 280 600
160 430 280 600
200 630 310 600
250 730 350 900
315 830 430 900
355 1030 480 900
400 1030 480 900
500 1330 580 1000


 Part  Material
 Plenum  Galvanised steel
 Measurement probe  Aluminium
 Acoustic insulation  High density mineral wool
 Blade  Galvanised steel
 Perforated sheet steel  Galvanised steel
 External insulation  Mineral wool protected by galvanised steel frame


The Halton BOX variable airflow rate management unit contains a complete regulation loop. This includes an aluminium probe measurement system to take the average value measured over the whole crossing surface, an activator mounted on the blade axis and a controller.

The measurements made are sent to the controller which compares these values with the required setpoint value; depending on the measured difference, a signal is then sent to the actuator so that the unit compensates for this difference.

An analogue signal that enables the setpoint to be shifted may also be sent to the controller. The flow rate is regulated between the min and max rate values programmed into the controller.

The regulation loop is closed and operates independently of the variations in upstream pressure. The regulation may also be static pressure regulation (in the duct or in the premises).

M        Actuator
PE      Dynamic pressure measurement probe
FC      Airflow controller
TC      Thermostat or room sensor

Product models

The Halton BOX airflow management unit is available in several versions.

The long version is used to reduce the air flow noise; the version with exterior sound proofing is used to reduce the noise emitted by the unit.

 Model Application Execution
 BOX/S-S; IN=I1 Supply Short version. 25 mm insulation
 BOX/L-S; IN=I1 Supply
Low noise level to be complied
Long version. Integrated sound attenuator
25 mm insulation
 BOX/S-E; IN=I1 Exhaust Short version. 25 mm insulation
 BOX/L-E; IN=I1 Exhaust
Low noise level to be complied
Long version. 25 mm insulation
 BOX/S-S; IN=I2 Supply Short version. 40 mm insulation
 BOX/L-S; IN=I2 Supply
Low noise level to be complied
Long version. Integrated sound attenuator
40 mm insulation
 BOX/S-E; IN=I2 Exhaust Short version. 40 mm insulation.
 BOX/L-E; IN=I2 Exhaust
Low noise level to be complied
Long version. 40 mm insulation.


Content coming soon!


Control units (CU)

The Halton BOX airflow control damper can be equipped with several different control units for either airflow or duct pressure control.

Airflow control

  • For supply and exhaust installations
  • Complete damper shutt off
  • Operating ambient temperature range from 0 to 50°C
  • Ambient relative humidity < 95%, non condensing
  • Analog command signal: 0-10 V or 2-10 V.

Available airflow controllers:
EE      NMV-D3-MP, 10Nm (Belimo)
EC      LMV-D3-MP,  5Nm (Belimo)
EK      NMV-D3 MF, 10Nm (Belimo)
EM     LMV D3 MF, 5Nm (Belimo)
EG     GLB181.1E (Siemens)
SR     ASV/115/CF152 (Sauter)
LK      LON LMV-D3-LON (Belimo)
LM     LON NMV-D3-LON (Belimo)
HM    LON ECL-VAV-S (Belimo)
HK     LON ECL-VAV-N (Distech) with NM24ASR actuactor (Belimo)

The EE, EC, EM and EK airflow controllers feature a differential pressure sensor crossed by a low rate. Therefore these airflow controllers must not be used in a highly contaminated environment. The EG airflow controller pressure sensor is a model with membrane and is therefore sealed and no flow can cross it.

The table below provides the nominal airflow control ranges for standard controls (nominal pressure: 150 Pa):

Size Nominal rate  Minimal rate (standard) Minimal rate
  m3/h l/s m3/h l/s m3/h l/s
100 287 80 58 16 28 8
125 469 130 90 25 46 13
160 808 224 144 40 84 23
200 1210 336 227 63 136 38
250 1940 539 360 100 214 59
315 3145 874 569 158 353 98
355 4031 1120 736 204 444 123
400 5159 1433 900 250 617 171
500 8160 2267 1404 390 971 270

Nominal rate: Maximal admissible airflow for the Halton BOX
Minimal airflow std: Minimal airflow, value for standard controls
Minimal airflow special: Minimal airflow, value for control with static or quasi-static pressure sensor

Pressure regulation

  • Used for supply and exhaust
  • Static pressure range depends on the probe (for example, EG control: adjustement from 0 to 300 Pa)
  • Operating ambient temperature range from 0 to 50°C
  • Ambient relative humidity < 95%, non condensing

Available airflow controllers:
EG        Siemens GLB181.1E
SR        Sauter ASV/115/CF152


Safety distance

The Halton BOX airflow control damper is installed taking into account the required safety distances
(see figure). These distances are valid for supply and exhaust. If the safety distances below are not respected, the dynamic pressure measurement can be false.

For the supply, in static pressure control, the minimum safety distance for the static measurement unit after the control damper is 5 x D in supply air applications. However, the pressure sensor position is typically halfway along or in the last third of in the last third of the duct branch length.


The actual airflow rate can be calculated as a function of differential pressure at the measurement probe and the measurement probe k factor. The proper k factor can be found in the documentation supplied with the product.

qv            Actual airflow rate [l/s]
k              k factor of the product
∆P_m      Differential pressure of the measurement probe [Pa]

NS k (l/s) k (m3/h)
100 6,5 23,5
125 10,6 38,2
160 18,3 65,8
200 27,4 98,8
250 44 158,4
315 71,4 256,9
400 117 421,2
500 185,1 666,4

The EE, EC, EK and EM airflow controllers are equipped with a dynamic pressure differential sensor which is subjected to a low airflow. Therefore, a manual manometer cannot be connected in parallel with the airflow controller for differential pressure measurement. If a manual manometer is used, the airflow controller power supply shall be switched off in order to stop damper movement during measurement of the airflow probe differential pressure. Note that the duct pressure might vary during the measurement.

The EG airflow controller is equipped with a static membrane pressure sensor including an automatic zero point calibration, and there is no airflow through the differential pressure sensor of the controller. Therefore,
a manual differential measurement manometer can be connected in parallel to the airflow controller
(for example, with tube T-branches), and both measurements can operate in parallel with continuous control.


The Halton BOX airflow management unit is used for airflow adjustment in variable air volume installations, in supply as well as exhaust.

It is composed of:

  • a circular inlet spigot equipped with an aluminium airflow measurement probe,
  • a damper blade
  • a rectangular part equipped with a sound attenuator, allowing air expansion.

The airflow measurement probe measures the average differential pressure across the whole surface of the inlet spigot, thus it allows the correct measurement of the airflow crossing the unit.

The damper actuator is made of two blades with a kinematic link, it enables the reduction of airborne noise as soon as the air enters the unit.

When closed, the damper is air tight.

The main blade is equipped with a gasket to reduce the friction and thus the needed torque of the actuator. The electric power consumption of the regulation loop is also reduced.

The Halton BOX casing airtightness is optimised by a construction with with limited cuttings. The acoustic part of the unit shall be equipped with an asymmetric sound attenuator, enabling an additionnal acoustic attenuation, particularly in the low frequency-range.

The Halton BOX selection is carried out according to its airflow range.

The minimum and maximum airflow values are indicative and can differ by control type or brand.
The Halton BOX is delivered factory-set according to the customer demand.
Factory parameters values as well as identification of the unit in the installation are marked on each unit.

This inside facing consitutes a smooth and washable surface thus limits the microbial development. Thus the unit can be used in areas such as hospitals, laboratories, electronic industries,…
The unit is made of galvanised steel and measurement probes of aluminium.

The unit sound attenuation is made of Euroclass A2 s1 d0 high density mineral wool with coating to avoid tearing, even at high velocities. The insulating material is also inert to bacterial development and can be used in demanding spaces such as hospitals, laboratories, electronic environment.

The unit can be equipped with a 40 mm thick insulation to reduce radiated noise emission.

For supply application, the unit can be equipped with a hot water reheater or an electric reheater.

Order code


V = Version
L    Long
S    Short

M= Model
S    Supply
E    Exhaust

D = Diameter (mm)
100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 355, 400, 500

Other options and accessories

CU= Control unit
EE     NMV-D3-MP-F. HI   (10Nm, MP bus included)
EC     NMV-D3-MP-F. HI   (5Nm, MP bus included)
EK     NMV-D3-MF-F.1 HI  (10Nm, without MP bus)
EM     LMV-D3-MF-F.1 HI  (5Nm, without MP bus)
EG     GLB181.1E/3
SR     ASV/115/CF152 (Sauter fast actuator)

NA    Without VRD3
Y       With VRD3

TF = Transformer
Y       Yes, with 230/24V transformer
N       No, without transformer

IN = Insulation
I1      Standard 25mm Insulation
I2      40mm Insulation

BA = Accessory
Y       Yes, has an accessory (reheater or connections)
N       No, hasn’t any accessory

ZT = Tailored product
N        No
Y        Yes (ETO)

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Halton BOX – Airflow management unit
Halton BOX – Boîte de détente à débit d’air variable
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