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Halton Foundation is a charitable organization with the aim of improving indoor environmental quality.

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$175,000 USD
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Halton Foundation focuses on indoor air quality

Halton Foundation operates without geographic limitations

Halton Foundation is a charitable organization with the aim of improving indoor environmental quality. Grants are awarded typically to non-profit organizations researching and developing systems that improve human wellbeing in indoor environments.

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Halton Foundation focuses on indoor air quality, thermal conditions, breathable particulates, and illnesses that may result from sub-standard indoor environmental quality.

Halton Foundation has awarded grants in the past six years totaling over $175,000 USD. Grants have been awarded in several areas including helping children with asthma, funding for the Himalayas Stove project and providing grants to universities that research indoor environmental quality.

Who can apply?

A lady applying for a Halton Foundation Grant

Grants are awarded typically to non-profit organizations researching and developing systems that improve human wellbeing in indoor environments.

What kind of grants are awarded?

  • One time grants which are single year grants for a specific purpose
  • Multi-year grants for no longer than three years
  • Start-up program grants; and,
  • Challenge or matching grants.
Depending on the scope and nature of the project or program, the amount of the grant may vary between thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. Grants shall not exceed 30,000 USD per year.

Applying for a grant

What you need to know to apply for a Halton Foundation grant

Grants are awarded based on grant applications.  Application period is from 15th August to 15th October. Requests for grants may be made by filling out and submitting the grant application form. The application must be submitted electronically with all attachments listed.

Apply for a grant

If your organisation or project reflects these priorities, you may submit a grant application using our online form.

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Propose a grant candidate

If you know an organisation that works for improving indoor enviroment conditions and people’s health and wellbeing, please tell us about it.

Propose a candidate

Decision on grants is made by 15th November. The successful applicant will be notified of the grant award and the grant decision will be announced in the Foundation website. Halton Foundation will sign a Grant Agreement with the charitable organisation receiving the funds. The grant receiver must also provide information about the use of the funds for the purpose intended.

Grants Awarded

 The International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ)  

The International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) was awarded a 3-year grant as they are working toward developing a database on IEQ guidelines.

ISIAQ is an international, independent, multidisciplinary, scientific, non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the creation of healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments. As a Society, one of our roles it to develop, adapt and maintain guidelines for the improvement of indoor air quality and climate. We also cooperate with government and other agencies and societies with interests in the indoor environment and climate.
For more information on ISIAQ visit: https://www.isiaq.org/

Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

In 2016, Halton Foundation awarded a three-year grant to Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. The grant was awarded for a research project that creates indoor environment guidelines for patient rooms in the hospitals in Poland. The project looks at the rooms’ air distribution, microclimate variables, and limit values and explores cost-efficient technological solutions that can be utilized in the modernization and further improvement of the rooms. The project aims at creating a principle program with recommendations for a specific target environment. The grant is paid gradually in stages provided that the requirements of the previous stage are met. This was the fourth grant awarded by the Foundation. The first stage of the procedure has been completed and the second stage is currently in progress.

For more information visit: https://www.pw.edu.pl/engpw

University of Reading and Chongqing University 

The third grant, with the value of 29,500 dollars was awarded in the end of 2013 to the University of Reading for a project on School Indoor Environment & Ventilation Control Strategies for Children’s Health & Wellbeing. The purpose of the project is to improve health and wellbeing for school children by investigating the indoor environmental conditions and developing control strategies to mitigate the level of contaminations for the classroom located in the urban areas. It is a joint research project between the University of Reading, and Chongqing University in China.

For more information visit: https://english.cqu.edu.cn/

Himalayan Stove Project 

Halton Foundation’s second grant was given in 2012 to the Paul Basch Memorial Foundation to help in its Himalayan Stove project in improving heath of people in trans-Himalayan region.

The Himalayan Stove Project is dedicated to improving the health of the people in the trans-Himalayan region. The organisation provides free, clean-burning, highly fuel-efficient cook stoves to families living in the Himalayas who now cook with traditional, rudimentary stoves or over open fire pits inside their homes, consuming excessive amounts of precious fuel and polluting the indoor air to dangerously unhealthy levels.

For more information visit: https://www.himalayanstoveproject.org/

Center for Courageous Kids 

Halton Foundation awarded its first grant to the Center for Courageous Kids located in Scottsville, Kentucky. The Center is a medical camping facility that provides cost-free summer and weekend camps for seriously ill and disabled children and their families. The Centre was awarded with a 30,000 dollar one time grant.

The grant from the Halton Foundation enables the Center for Courageous Kids to organise a one week summer camp for children with asthma.

For more information visit: www.courageouskids.org 

Recipient Testimonials

With the support from the Halton foundation, ISIAQ aims to develop a functional database to share information about IEQ guidelines worldwide. Together with our collaborators, the existing information will also be reviewed and with an overall aim to provide recommendations towards more harmonized guidelines. We cordially thank Halton foundation for their support!
Doreen Albertson, Director, ISIAQ Secretariat
We are humbled and honored to have been selected to receive the Halton Foundation's first gift. This support and your desire to incorporate asthma education as another fun component of a child's summer camp experience is going to produce lifelong benefits. We look forward to working with you and the Halton Team to provide a great week of camp during the summer of 2011. Thank you again for the support of our program and the seriously ill children we serve.
Roger F. Murtie, President of the Center for Courageous Kids.
We are honoured to have been selected by the Halton Foundation as a recipient of their generous grant. With this support, we have been able to launch and carry out the full spectrum of activities on ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospital patients' rooms, from research to promotional and educational work. In the long term, the results of the project will contribute to raising awareness of doctors and medical staff about the significance of the ventilation system and, consequently, help to improve the indoor environment conditions in which the patient's recovery process is taking place.
Anna Bogdan, Associate Professor, Warsaw University of Technology
We are honored to have been selected by the Halton Foundation as a recipient of their generous grant. We appreciate their acknowledgement of the value of our work, and intend to make them proud of their confidence in us. We believe in the conservation of nature, improving people's health and transforming their lives, one clean cook stove at a time. With the help of wonderful donors like the Halton Foundation we will be able to expand our work in the Trans Himalayan Region.
George Basch from Himalayan Stove Project.